Grafikpress JH-40 bordsmodell 40x80cm

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Plate format (bed size) 40x80 cm

Thickness of bed 1 cm

Measurements of the press:

Length (of side frames) 51 cm

Width (incl. star wheel) 52 cm

Height 35 cm Length of roller 40 cm

Diameter of upper roller 8,5 cm

Wallthickness upper roller 1,5 cm

Diameter of lower solid roller 8 cm

Diameter of star wheel 95 cm

Thickness of steel side frames 1,6 cm

Max. opening between bed and upper roller 4 cm

Weight 55 kg

Dimensions of stand (optional).

One piece. H=80 cm, W=47cm, L=48 cm

Workheight of press bed, on stand 89 cm

These presses are designed as lighter versions of the JS series and is very similar in construction. The presses are driven directly on the lower roller by means of a star wheel. The relatively small size of this press and the fact that the rollers are provided with ball bearings makes a gearing system unnecessary. The hard synthetic plate is guided on both sides by the solid steel frame. If the spindles are loosened the upper roller is raised by spring pressure. This results in a space appearing between the upper roller and the bed plate thus facilitating the sliding of the printing sandwich. The printing of lino and wood cuts is also possible because of the above mentioned spring pressure. It is possible to dismantle the star wheel which is secured with a key joint. Shims of leather or cardboard can be placed under the spindles thus providing more flexibility during printing. (useful while printing woodcuts that are not quite plane) . These presses can be suppplied with stands.

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